Performance and capacity of the battery testing


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Usługa dotyczy wykonania pomiarów pojemnościowych baterii (12 – 100V | 4S-23S )   dostarczonych przez klienta zakończona raportem z wynikami pojemnościowymi i przebiegiem rozładowywania dla:
The service concerns the performance of capacitive measurements of batteries (12 – 100V | 4S-23S) delivered by the client, ended with a report with capacitive results and discharge waveform for:

  • new batteries
  • used batteries

As a result of the measurement, the customer receives the following information:

  • battery capacity (Ah)
  • discharge current waveform (max 40A)
  • cut-off voltage
  • Internal resistance DC
  • additionally, on the customer’s request photographic documentation from a thermal imaging camera